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Hi there! My name is Sydney. I am an 19 year old university student in Florida. I am a perfectionist stuck in a B student's body. I am a retired gymnast who has followed international gymnastics for years but made this blog in July of 2013. Men's and Women's Artistic gymnastics is my obsession but I also love Rhythmic, Ballet, Dance and everything to do with the Olympics. I love gymnasts from every country. Oleg Verniaiev is my favorite male gymnast and I want him to win all the medals. This is also my personal blog, so sometimes I post stuff about me and what I'm doing. I do not reblog GFC confessions because they are icky. Proud Slytherin, and citizen of Afanastan. My football teams are Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. If you want to know more feel free to message me. Thanks for visiting!
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Note: This info post covers three separate competitions that all occur within a week. All listed times are local; click the timezones for help in rearranging your life/sleep schedule. Initial, nonessential days have been snipped from event timeframes. If a stream is geolocked, use Hola, ZenMate, or another proxy.

RUSSIA CUP: August 26-31
Livestream || Results || Official site || Timezone: MSK

Podium training: August 26

Qualifications and AA finals: August 27

Team finals: August 28-29

Event finals: August 30-31

SENIOR PAN AMS: August 27-September 1
Livestream || Results || Official site || Timezone: EDT

Note: This is a qualifying event for the 2015 Pan Am Games. Competition times based on provisional schedule/work plan (full subdivision assignments listed therein; a few have been provided below).

Podium training: August 27-August 28

MAG team and AA competition: August 29

WAG team and AA competition: August 30

Event Finals: August 31

Event Finals: September 1

Livestream || Results || Official site || Timezone: EEST

Hat tip to aly126 for the stream source. Please refer to her info post on Romanian Nationals for full times, competitor lists (including some international guests), and any updates as they come.

All-around competition: August 30

Event finals: August 31, 15:00

Photo credit: Alistair Grant/AP for USA Today

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Most hardcore national team in Europe (can’t compete with team USA)

So today was basically our qualifying competition for Northern Europeans and Worlds. I did really good, some girls struggled a bit, but our girls are looking pretty strong.

They announce the team tomorrow or maybe the day after.

I have never felt this anxious in my life. Please somebody knock me out until we get the results.

Fingers crossed!

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no but what if the 2016 british olympic team has both becky and ellie

The Downies need another sibling to appear to get on the level of the Tanakas


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Color Palette + Anna Bessonova at the 2004 Olympics

Requested by merylsdavis

Photo Credit: Tom Theobald

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Miller and Moceanu on gymnastics today - Full Twist




It’s kind of nice to know that Moceanu continues to be the absolute worst.

"The amplified emphasis on difficulty and the declining value of artistry has been the biggest change in gymnastics. Some would argue the term “Artistic” should be dropped from Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. While there are exceptions, the genuinely artistic gymnast does not stand a chance against the trickster with marginal execution in today’s international competitions. While we can all admire the athleticism of today’s routines, the emotionally moving performances of Dobre, Boguinskaia and Podkopayeva appear to be a thing of the past."

I’d like to know what exactly was “emotionally moving” about your little Devil Went Down to Georgia number, Ms Moceanu.

okay…i’m not actually trying to start any shit for once in my life, but i’m just wondering what exactly is so mind-blowingly offensive about the copied and bolded statement

i get that for whatever reason a lot of you hate the shit out of domi but that statement is pretty in line with popular sentiment on the gymternet. yes, there are the people both on here and elsewhere who want nothing more than to screech about the superiority of the russians, but i think a lot of fans agree with the notion that technically excellent performances aren’t rewarded nearly as much as the sloppier performances that nonetheless show huge difficulty.

i understand that some people are kind of feeling like “where the hell does she get off saying this when her floor routines were so babyish,” but i kind of feel like that’s not really relevant? i didn’t read the entire article so if this was said later on in the piece please correct me but it’s not like she was holding herself up as some sort of artistic goddess and talking about how it’s a damn shame routines like HERS wouldn’t be rewarded as highly in this code. she specifically mentions OTHER gymnasts when making reference to routines that are exquisite, but would never contend for medals on the world stage today

I agree with some what your saying theannukaiconnection.

I think what people are offened by is that Domi says: “The amplified emphasis on difficulty and the declining value of artistry”as if the two aspects have a direct correlation between each other. As well as ”the genuinely artistic gymnast does not stand a chance against the trickster with marginal execution” It kind of sounds like she is saying that a gymnast that has big difficulty but low execution cannot be artistic. As if the two are mutually exclusive. Like a gymnast with high difficulty/low execution cannot ever be artistic, which we all know is not the case. Domi is kind of rehashing the argument of execution being a factor in weather a gymnast is artistic or not. For example Skinner’s 2013 (I’m not a fan of her 2014 one) floor routine or even Fragapane’s floor both have high difficulty and low execution but if you don’t think the two routines are artistic I really don’t know what to tell you anymore because they are.

She does it again by saying “While we can all admire the athleticism of today’s routines, the emotionally moving performances of Dobre, Boguinskaia and Podkopayeva appear to be a thing of the past.” Domi is implying that an “athletic” routine cannot be artistic. Which again we all know is not the case.

It would be a different case if Domi would just say that many gymnast today do not perform like gymnast used to and not try to connect it to a specific type of gymnast. For example, Raisman’s floor I never found to be particularly artistic and she fits Domi’s profile of high difficulty with low execution. However, I also never found Kyla’s floor to be artistic (I know she is trying but its just doesn’t work for me) and she has the opposite profile of having low difficulty with high execution. Its the generalization that Domi uses that I think what people find insulting. 

I think many people need reminding that while the gymnastics of the sports past has been artistic in the sense that the athletes put a lot of emphasis in performance, their execution was not that amazing. 

(I know the quality of these are not good but you can see the outline of body parts and thats what matters)

Boginskaya’s full in pike out landing was consistently this:

Her double back was consistently cow-boyed


One of the most artistic routines the gymternet talks about is Groshkova’s and while I whole hearted agree it was not very clean. 

The double in tuck out is supposed to be in lay out position and I think we can all agree this isn’t it:

This is her “pike” on her full-in pike out:

and then her landing:

This is Dobre’s double back dismount on beam that is cow-boyed:

As well as her full in back out:

Obviously with its flaws


The point is, its wrong for Domi to completely separate gymnasts into two categories and generalize them. There are girls like Podkopayeva and Cheng Fei that are able to combine high difficulty (with her era) with high execution as well as artistry. The are girls with high difficulty and low execution but are still very artistic (like Groshkova). There are girls with High difficulty, low execution and are not artistic IMO Raisman. There are girls with low difficulty and high execution that are artistic, IMO 2011 Livchikova. And then there are girls with low difficulty high execution and not very artistic IMO present Kyla. 

But thats just what I got out of it. Sorry for the wall of text. 


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It’s said that 90% of people will see the same word first. Don’t cheat! Type the first 3 words you see in the comments and then look and see what everyone else saw!

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Color Palette + London Kiss & Cry

Requested by archangelsky

Photo Credit: Olivier Aubrais

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Full Results from Day 2 of the Junior Men’s Competition at the 2014 P&G Championships

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Final Results of the Junior Men’s Day 2 Session at the 2014 P&G Championships

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Janine Berger tore her ACL on double twisting Tsukahara vault

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Individual Results from Day 2 of the Senior Men’s Competition at the 2014 P&G Championships

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Full Results for the Senior Men after Day 2 at the 2014 P&G Championships

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Official Women’s Junior and Senior National Teams Rosters as of Aug 23, 2014

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Looks like no Alyssa at Pan Ams ):

i hope she still has a chance for worlds
also, if felicia is going, does this means that shes on the national team?

Good one Alyssa for finishing bars last night if its that bad. And If Felicia is getting an assignment I’d imagine that would put her on the National Team

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