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Hi there! My name is Sydney. I am an 19 year old university student in Florida. I am a perfectionist stuck in a B student's body. I am a retired gymnast who has followed international gymnastics for years but made this blog in July of 2013. Men's and Women's Artistic gymnastics is my obsession but I also love Rhythmic, Ballet, Dance and everything to do with the Olympics. I love gymnasts from every country. Oleg Verniaiev is my favorite male gymnast and I want him to win all the medals. This is also my personal blog, so sometimes I post stuff about me and what I'm doing. I do not reblog GFC confessions because they are icky. Proud Slytherin, and citizen of Afanastan. My football teams are Paris Saint Germai, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. If you want to know more feel free to message me. Thanks for visiting!
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Vladislav Lantratov in La Bayadere.

Still experimenting with colour gifs (and how not to completely kill them).

He’s amazing

Can we please put him up against some football players in a vertical jump test?

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for anonymous

he got no height in that double front

but he has great extension in his pommeling and no leg separation so he could challenge for a medal 

except thats not a double front its only a single salto after his hands come off the horse

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Gaynor Minden’s new poster of our favorite OLGA SMIRNOVA <3 <3

I WANT THIIIIIIS!! I have the Svetlana Zakharova,Evgenia Obraztsova and Jurgita Dronina Gaynor posters but now I want this!! I need it!!

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Photo Credit: Oleg Naumov
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The Gymternet


It’s 4:30 am but I really feel like sharing the fact that I made a gym website and I want it to be the best gym website on the interwebz with brilliant content AND a message board full of really cool people because there are either message boards OR content sites, no one ever combines it, aside from IG kind of but that board is so separate from that site and that site doesn’t ever have the best content aside from interviews SO LET’S GET TOGETHER and make this the best site IN THE WORLD. I have LOTS of good people involved, will definitely look for MORE good people, the content is gonna be really cool once we get into it (the pieces up now are kind of filler to get started but in the future think Broadway World meets Buzzfeed meets my tumblr), and I think if we get all of the smart, crazy, passionate fans who really love the sport (aka the tumblr crowd tbh), we can definitely make The Gymternet the cool kids table.

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Gymsportnieuwssite GymPower



According to GymPOWER, two young Dutch gymnasts - Milla van de Mortel and Sam Wels - were killed in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash when the plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17.

oh my gosh, that’s so awful. I hope their friends and family are okay :(

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RIP Milia van de Mortel

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tumbling-and-tchaikovsky nellie kim is platini hahahaha

hahaha YES 

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It’s been a while since I made one of these. But the set wouldn’t be complete without Evgenia :) 

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[9/∞} favorite leotards alina maksymenko (ukr) (2012 hoop)

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Diana Vishneva whilst at the Vaganova academy. Possibly 1994, but I’m not 100%.

My dianinkaaaa

I’m like 1/593729482829 of this amount of flexible


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Switzerland-Germany-Romania friendly on Sept 6th

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