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Hi there! My name is Sydney. I am an 19 year old university student in Florida. I am a perfectionist stuck in a B student's body. I am a retired gymnast who has followed international gymnastics for years but made this blog in July of 2013. Men's and Women's Artistic gymnastics is my obsession but I also love Rhythmic, Ballet, Dance and everything to do with the Olympics. I love gymnasts from every country. Oleg Verniaiev is my favorite male gymnast and I want him to win all the medals. This is also my personal blog, so sometimes I post stuff about me and what I'm doing. I do not reblog GFC confessions because they are icky. Proud Slytherin, and citizen of Afanastan. My football teams are Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. If you want to know more feel free to message me. Thanks for visiting!
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Alright well I’m off to bed everyone. Send more emails and support to Mckayla. 

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yeah i sent one too and i feel kinda bad for leslie king (lol) but if waking up to an inbox full of upset emails is what…


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tkachevmeifyoucan reblogged your photoset:So I sent Leslie King who is the head of Media…
Update: I emailed them as well, although it wasn’t nearly as eloquent as Sydney’s. I really, really hope they take…

Aww thanks haha. I feel bad for the poor person that has to respond to them all but honestly they need to know that this is a big deal and needs to be acted upon. 

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So I sent Leslie King who is the head of Media Services at USAG who’s email can be found on USAG’s website and was also given to me by my-bff-nastia and this was the email I sent as well as the response I got. I also sent the same email to Steve Penny, I don’t know if he will get back to me but I saw his email and I figured he should do something considering his track record. 

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freewlfi replied to your video:Bringing this back because its a gem
is this the one w the 3 and a half ??? cant watch the vid bc no headphones ugh


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2014 Romanian National Championships


The 2014 Romanian Nationals are taking place this weekend (yay for that) in Bucharest, at Sala Polivalenta and the entrance is free, so if you’re from Bucharest or from somewhere near, you should come.

The surprise this year is that the WAG Swedish team and the MAG Norwegian team will take part…

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She IS training. She is working at her home-gym, already doing all 4 events, but all “soft landings”. She’s even been already doing triple twist, but on a soft…idk how it’s called like acrobatic mat? She has all her beam skills back, but some she can only do on a small beam (closer to floor), and some on a big beam. She is planning to be back by Voronin cup at December, but it’s not certain, though she has plans to compete there. She is training almost every day, she has half-day trainings (9:00-14:00) bcz when she does more, it’s still little but painful for her leg. She told me that firstly they only wanted to train bars and beam and it seemed difficult bcz all her beam landings are like…on her left leg which was hurt. But then, when they started her recovering program it turned out to be successful - they decided to train all 4 events. She told me that she really wants to have her AA back so much, it’s such a desire!

Update information about Anastasia Grishina by dolly-z 

(without the GFC post)

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Bringing this back because its a gem

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I just made two quick collages of Mac. feel free to repost/ screen shot them or anything to make sure they get in that tag and push that atrocious stuff out of the way. 

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Mckayla Maroney Beautiful Person Appreciation Post

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Mckayla Maroney Beautiful Person Appreciation Post

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Marie-Claude Pietragalla in POB’s Swan Lake, 1992.

Thank you so much for this gif, dysphoricsylph. I have been surprised that this recording is not discussed more often on Tumblr. I think Marie-Claude Pietragalla is one of the more impressive Odiles to have been recorded.

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Hello there!

The picture was a random pick, but I’m here to talk about Finnish Nationals.

In case you are wondering, yesterday, the gorgeous Erika Pakkala won gold and became the Finnish AA Champion for the second time in her carrier. She was 3 points ahead of the rest.

On the men’s side, Heikki Niva took gold with and easy win, as Oskar Kirmes didn’t compete on all events.

But the main reason I’m here to tell you, is that Tomi (Tuuha) got bronze in the AA, only 0,3 away from a silver medal. Why is that such news? Well…

Since many many years, Tomi has been an event specialist, and haven’t been doing highbar and pommel horse in competition, nor training. (and by many years, I mean ~ 7)

However 1,5 years ago, he decided to get back to doing AA, for a chance to make it to Rio, so ever since he doesn’t skip those 2 apparatuses anymore.

But the main point is that he is terrified when it comes to highbar (he is simply super scared), yet he managed to put together a routine and compete this weekend. So if you like his gymnastics, you should definitely be proud of him, like I am, because competing on all 6 events is a big deal for him.

They will be having the event finals today, so let’s hope, everybody does their best and have an awesome competition!

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Алия Мустафина вошла в состав сборной России на ЧМ по спортивной гимнастике в Китае


Russia World team:
Aliya Mustafina
Darya Spiridonova
Maria Kharenkova
Maria Paseka
Alla Sosnitskaya
Ekaterina Kramarenko

Viktoria Komova still has a shot if she recovers her vault, according to the article. Others in contention are Tatiana Nabieva and Anna Rodionova. Final team will be announced after the last training camp which starts September 1st.

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